Pest of coral same like munga-mangal gemstone Limited Exclusive Collection Gem Stone Govt. Regd. Crt id NNYS_AHM 90000000160


Pest of coral same like munga-mangal Limited Exclusive Collection Gem Stone Govt. Regd. Crt id NNYS_AHM 9000000160

The profits of gemstones for getting change well being have been affirmed for a considerable length of time. Red coral or moonga is one of those gemstones, which are respected for their therapeutic profits. This is an astonishing natural gemstone (as opposed to a mineral one), structured by the skeletons of coagulated marine creatures called polyps.

Like the pearl stone, coral excessively is a mystical stone which is a valuable endowment of the ocean. Notwithstanding being structured of delicate skeletons, the sturdiness of red coral gemstones is momentous.

From the visionary perspective, wearing red coral gemstone empowers the local to beat the sick impacts of the malefic situation of planet Mars or Mangal in his horoscope.

You can counsel a stargazer to figure out whether moonga gemstone will be perfect for you or not. A solid site for this reason, for existing, is


Mangal is considered as the planet of war and vitality and it has been given the status of the president among the nine planets of the earth’s planetary group.

An incapacitated Mars can result in Mangal Dosha in the horoscope of the local, which may show them at the various well being issues, in the same way as those of blood, bone marrow, kidney, bladder, and private parts.

It additionally demonstrates wounds, cuts, wounds, and operations. All these issues related to malefic Mars can be fought with inexplicable recuperating coral stone.


The Valuable coral gemstone is proposed for those locals who need to conciliate the planet Mars and battle the issues and infections created by its sick situation in their horoscopes.

The gemstone has some astounding corrective properties and demonstrates greater well being, to such a degree, to the point that it can transform its color when the wearer experiences any sort of physical ailment.

Fundamentally, this red colored gemstone is viewed as valuable for lightening ailments identified with blood, for example, sickliness, blood contaminations and unfavorable susceptibilities, other than boosting the resistance levels of the wearer.

Recuperating red coral stone is accepted to clean and expand blood levels in the body. Also, it can ensure the wearer against issues like typhoid, shortcoming, hack, bronchitis, wounds and bile sicknesses.

The astonishing coral gemstone is likewise joined with privates and is viewed as compelling for anticipating unsuccessful labors, excruciating labor and in addition menstrual issue in ladies.

Also, the stunning red coral can be a never-ending wellspring of vitality and stamina for the wearer, which can help his certainty and dynamism.

It gives insurance from terrible dreams, inordinate outrage, and mental despondency as well. The red coral gemstone is additionally prescribed for kids experiencing weakness because of lack of healthy sustenance.

The best quality coral stones come in profound red color, however, it is accessible in different colors as well, in the same way as red, pink, saffron and vermilion red.

Italian red coral is thought to be of the best quality, while different nations, for example, USA, Tunisia, Australia, China, and Japan likewise supply coral gemstones.

The red coral ring is to be made of gold or silver to give the most extreme advantages. The most ideal approach to get unadulterated and buy a unique coral stone is from reliable sites who deals in certified gemstones.


मूंगा मंगल ग्रह का रत्न है, जिन जातकों की कुंडली में मंगल ग्रह क्रूर हो उसका मूंगा धारण करना अधिक लाभकारी है। ऐसे बालक जिनका जन्म 15 अप्रैल से 14 मई तक अथवा 15 नवंबर से 14 दिसंबर के बीच हुआ हो, उनको मूंगा अवश्य पहनना चाहिए। यदि मूंगा मंगलवार को खरीदकर उसी दिन धारण किया जाए तो उत्तम होता है।

मूंगा यथासंभव सोने की अंगूठी में जड़वाया जाना चाहिए। यदि धारक के लिए सोना खरीदना संभव न हो तो चांदी में थोड़ा सोन मिलाकर या तांबे की अंगूठी में मूंगा जड़वाया जा सकता है। मूंगा पहनने वाले को पेट दर्द व सूखा रोग नहीं होता है। हृदय के रोग के लिए भी मूंगा लाभकारी होता है।

इस आलेख में दी गई जानकारियों पर हम यह दावा नहीं करते कि ये पूर्णतया सत्य व सटीक हैं तथा इन्हें अपनाने से अपेक्षित परिणाम मिलेगा। इन्हें अपनाने से पहले संबंधित क्षेत्र के विशेषज्ञ की सलाह जरूर लें।