Al Haramain Maze Pure musk Imported ( U.A.E. Dubai) Synthetic Attar Perfume

Al Haramain Maze  Pure Musk Imported (U.A.E.  Dubai ) Attar Perfume

Maze is finally a perfume symbolic of the mystery of the Middle East! Every bit as enigmatic as the land that draws thousands into its fold every day, the aroma of Maze is as promising and exciting as the race for survival staged here. In this labyrinth of emotions & feelings, struggles & endeavors, only a few will achieve what they set out for, and it is with these privileged few that Al Haramain's Maze will be found. Get yourself a driving force. Get the Maze advantage!


  • Capacity: 12 ml
  • Fragrance: Musk
  • Type: Floral Attar
  • Alcohol Free