Adilqadri Musk Al Tahara Unique White Musk Thick and Creamy Body Attar


Musk Al Tahara by Adilqadri is a unique white musk. Thick and creamy, it offers amazing sillage and longevity as standard. This perfume is suitable for both men and women

This royal musk tahara is a very popular fragrance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia! With its positive, gently fresh softness, this perfume is ideal for everyday use.

His coat is thick, creamy ... Its fresh smell, soft and slightly flowery with a spicy base note ...
Top notes: Lily, violet, vanilla. Heart notes: White Lotus, honey. Base notes: White Lotus, honey, white musk.

For those who do not yet know Musk Tahara, it is likely that you might want to get it after reading ... And because this white musk is used by men and women to wear perfume, but it is also used by women for intimate hygiene.

Musk Tahara, natural cleansing

Literally, the word "tahara" means "to be cleansed of defilements," and that musk is strongly recommended for this ritual that is specific to women. Fresh, sweet, with a very pleasant smell.

Main accords: white musk, fresh soft, slightly floral

        Top notes                    Middle notes                        Base notes


lilies, violets, vanilla


white musk, lotus blossoms, honey


white musk, lotus blossoms, honey

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