Adilqadri Ⓡ King look Non Electric Bakhoor Oudh Burner with free Bakhoor Chips & CharCoal worth Rs.650

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  • Adilqadri Ⓡ King look Electric/Non Electric Bakhoor Oudh Burner with free Bakhoor Chips &  CharCoal  worth Rs.899 

  • Exclusive Non Electric  Bakhoor Incense Burner(use charcol

  • Fragrance Burner

  • Ideal for Your Home, Office, Hallway and Living Room

  • A leafy and woody fragrance that turns your atmostphere into a lovely orchard.

Uses of Bakhoor:

- To Perfume the house.

- On special occasions like wedding.

- To create a romantic atmosphere in bedrooms.

- For welcoming gusts and a gesture of hospitality.

- Used to boost positive energy and  dismiss bad sprits.

- Used in commercial shops and stores (specially that's related to clothes) to attract customers and to enhance their buying experience.

- Used in old medicines.

- It's used after a meal cooking or cigarettes smoke to quickly discard the bad smells and perfume the place. It also gives your bath (and water) a wonderful smell!

- Bakhoor can enhance the mood and motivate creativity. 


  • (Colour & Design Will Be Sent As Per Availability)

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