(COMBO) AdilQadri Handmade Herbal & Natural Designer Soap 5 Pcs. Combo

Select Varient Spray Perfume

AdilQadri Handmade

1. Tropical Island,

2.Mix Of Tea Tree & Peppermint ,

3.Multani Mitti,

4.Peach & Mix Fruit,

5.Milk & Rose Essential Mix,

6.Orange & Bergamot,

7.Honey & Oatmeal,

8.Lavender & Geranium  Any 5 soap ( Soap Will Be Sent As Per Availability )

,Herbal Designer Bathing Soap, Pure Vegetarian & Natural

Natural way to get rid of acne and breakouts

With turmeric in its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory property, it helps to control pimples and breakouts, thus by pulling out redness, relieves skin from irritation or itching and keeping any infection at a distance. The essential oil of sandalwood protects the skin from septic and infections caused due to pimples and sores.



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