Adilqadri New Digital Tasbeeh Counter - Rosary Beads ( Colour & Design Will Be Sent As Per Availability )

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Adilqadri New Digital Tasbeeh Counter - Rosary Beads

Note: Tasbeeh Colour Will Be Sent As Per Availability

Introduction of Dhikr or Tasbeeh

‘Azkar’ is plural of the Urdu word ‘Zikar’ which means ‘mention’. In Islam, it means praying to the Almighty, creator for all the blessings he’s bestowed upon us and for all the times He’s forgiven us for our sins. Therefore, Azkar is done via prayers or various forms of supplications; for every prayer has Allah’s name on it.

Benefits of Zikr Azkaar

Remembering Allah (SWT - سبحانه وتعالى) is one of the virtuous acts of worship through which one can achieve tranquility, rest and peace of mind and heart. May Allah gives us the strength to do Dhikr regularly and can get Allah Almighty blessings. Ameen!

Effects of Tasbeeh or Dhikr

Genuinely increasing the amount of Tasbeeh or Dhikr you do in your day will have a valuable impact on other areas of your life. By the very essence of constantly being connected to your Creator your faith will naturally increase, and this will motivate you to implement other ways of life instructed by the Quran and Sunnah.

Tasbeeh After Namaz

The Tasbeeh after namaz or tasbih of Fatimah, commonly known as "Tasbih Hadhrat Zahra" or "Tasbih al-Zahra", is a special dhikr which is attributed to Fatimah bint Muhammad, and is included 34 times Allah-o-Akbar, 33 times Alhamdulillah and 33 times Subhanallah.

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