Otoori White oud Pure Imported Synthetic Attar 15ml MADE IN U.A.E. DUBAI

Otoori White oud Pure Imported Synthetic Attar 15ml MADE IN U.A.E. DUBAI

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Otoori,   White Oudh Pure Imported Attar 15ml MADE IN U.A.E. DUBAI

Ingredients : musk, jasmine, lily of the valley, davanna, tobacco, patchouli, Tonka beans, oak moss, vetiver, gardenia, sandalwood, fruits, rose, bergamot. 
Notes of the beginning : rose, fruit aroma, tobacco, bergamot, davanna. 
Middle notes : floral bouquet (jasmine, patchouli, gardenia, lily of the valley and jasmine) Tonka bean. 
Final note : musk, oak moss, sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli.

Men are conquerors. They are strong, courageous, strong in spirit and physical strength. It will be a hoax to say that they do not want to be the best. And help them to be a leader in any circle will help the new fragrance OUD WHITE. It included the most popular components of Arabian perfumes, which the whole world has heard about. The basis is essential oils of various natural components. The creators of this perfume gathered in one small bottle everything that a real man is looking for and needs. The aroma of tobacco, oak moss, patchouli, bergamot gives the smell a certain piquancy. But at the same time, tender notes of rose, fruit, gardenia and jasmine dilute this rigor. At the same time, the aroma does not become sweet or very saturated. Everything in moderation, as true male representatives love. 
OUD WHITE is a new word in perfumery. The oil structure may show unusual and new for men, but believe me, this is much more reliable than alcohol colognes. Your fragrance will not leave and will not leave you anywhere throughout the entire busy and active day. Gym, business negotiations, meeting with friends - at any time OUD WHITE is your friend and partner, your second "I". Having bought and tested it once, the man will never want to part with him again

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