Bakhoor Al Majarrah Bakhoor oudh incense Tablet Original Sterling Made in UAE Dubai 40 Gms

Bakhoor Al Majarrah Bakhoor oudh incense Tablet Original Sterling Made in UAE Dubai 40 Gms.

Sandal and Oudh Scented Tablet are regarded as some of the finest Scented. These Scented have light delicate fragrances of nature. This exotic fragrance provides the key to unlock the benefits of aromatherapy, to create an uplifting or enhancing mood or environmental effect. Use of Scented promotes longevity, harmonizes the psycho-physical constitution, and enhances mental focus. It is preferred over aerosol air fresheners.

Key Features :

  • Perfuming the house

  • For welcoming special guests

  • To attract customers to a store and enhance their buying experience

  • To enhance one’s mood and increase creativity

  • To create a romantic atmosphere for a couple’s bedroom

  • 40 gm Pack For Worship and Prayer

  • Made From Natural Essential oils and Herbs For Making Natural Atmosphere For Maditation and Prayer

  • Suitability - incense dhoop bricks can be used for offering your prayers to god i.e. for spiritual as well as meditational purposes. it is made from pure and herbal materials and is worth every single penny

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