Eternity Perfume By CALVIN KLEIN FOR MAN & WOMEN perfume Spray 100 ML. ( Tester Pack )


 perfume Spray 100  ML.

( Tester Pack ) 



  • Intriguing, mysterious, evocative. A complete wardrobe of signature scents and cosmetics.
    One of the worlds leading lifestyle brands, Calvin Klein is synonymous with authentic modern minimalist style. Everything it creates - clothing,
    accessories,home design - becomes a timeless classic. The labels award-winning fragrances are no exception. Calvin Kleins portfolio of bold
    and iconic scents continues to redefine the world of perfume.

    Collection of Calvin Klein fragrances include the lines of CK, Euphoria, Eternity, Calvin Klein Man, and the famous Obsession line. Eternity was
    introduced in 1985 as a unisex fragrance. It can be described as a floral scent with sandalwood backgrounds. Kate Moss introduced Obsession
    during the same year, also as a fragrance for men and women.

    It is a spicy, citrus blended with peach and lemon. While Eternity and Obsession are probably the best known of Calvin Klein’s fragrance collection,
    The company has periodically revisited them. Eternity has had the limited editions of Rose Blush and Purple Orchid for women, and a unisex form
    called Eternity Summer. Eternity Moment remains a permanent part of the collection, as does Obsession Night.

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