Oud Wood Bakhoor stick (Agarwood), Natural Aloes wood Oudh Chips 250 GMS.-AGARWOOD WITH HEAVY QWALITY ANTIQE BOX

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Oud Wood Bukhur stick (Agarwood), Natural Aloes wood Oudh Chips 250 GMS.-AGARWOOD WITH HEAVY QWALITY ANTIQE BOX

  • AGARWOOD STICK: These Agarwood chips are 100% Indian Natural Agarwood incense jungles chips in original form. These oudh wood chips are ideal for creating a natural wood scent of bakhoor for an unforgatable aroma. Bukhoor is also used as a spiritual scent for meditation, yoga, zen and relaxation. The premium incense wood chips will fill any space with a pure and delicate fragrance.

  • Material: Wild Agarwood chips Oud wood chips from agarwood trees in the forests Khanh Hoa province in INDIA These oud wood chips are made from hundreds of years agarwood trees. These wild agarwood oud wood chips are made by ants on the aqualaria crassna trees. Almost the dirty or white wood parts have been removed. The smell is very sweet.

  • HOW TO USE BAKHOOR AGARWOOD CHIPS: We can enjoy the natural aroma of Agarwood by burning it with a charcoal incense burner, or an electric incense burner. This aloeswood chips also are the main material for producting incense sticks, inscense cones, and incense coils. Tibet incense and Traditional Japanese incenses or jinko incense are often made from Indian/Vietnam Agarwood chips.

  • HELPFULNESS IN SPIRITUAL ACTIVISM: The Agarwood chips can be use to create spiritual scents, meditation scents or zen scents. Since ancient times, aloeswood chips have been used in rituals of many different religions such as Islam, Hinduism, Brahmanism, Buddhism and Catholicism. Today, agarwood is still used in Islam mosques and Buddhist temples, especially Tibetan Buddhist temples. Tibetan meditation incense always consist of Agarwood aloeswood chips.

  • INDIAN HIGH QUALITY AGARWOOD: Agarwood is found in natural forests in some Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Vietnam, ... Indian Agarwood is considered as the highest quality agarwood. Indian Agarwood scent is different from the other types of aquilaria, it is often considered as a precious material for agarwood incense because of this special aroma. Premium Indian Agarwood is the essential ingredient of all high-grade incense from the Middle East.

  • SOME OTHERS NAMES: Aligawood chips, oudh chips , oud wood chips, aloeswood chips, scented chips, scented wood chips.

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