Rasasi Bent Al Ezz HANA 18ml ATTAR concentrated Perfume Oil Sensational Floral Fruity. Synthetic Attar Imported For Mens And Women

Bent Al Ezz Hana 18ml  ATTAR Concentrated Perfume oil

An Exclusive Popular perfume from the world Renowned Rasasi range. 

Bent Al Ezz Nadiyah 18ml Concentrated Oriental Perfume Oil, by Rasasi. The Bent Al Ezz collection range which stands for Gracious in English is available in a chic 18ml bottles in three different variants, Bent Al Ezz,

Hana; Bent Al Ezz, Nadiyah and Bent Al Ezz, Nabah, caters to the sense and style of today’s sophisticated women who enjoy finer things in life. The all-new collection provides a unique combination of notes and looks which helpg top note of Bergamot which cascades down to Jasmine touch and culminates with a Sandalwood and Musk tinge. the freshness to be maintained for a long time. The three variants of Bent Al Ezz offer a leadin.

Orignal Rasasi Dubai

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