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यदि आप इसे नहीं पढ़ना चाहते हैं तो आप नीचे दिए गए वीडियो को भी देख सकते हैं

Hi i am Adilqadri Ceo of Adilqadri.com, first of all thank you so much for being our customer, you are now Adilqadri Family, if you are new i am inviting you to the Adilqadri family

Today what i am what i archived in 2 year is all because of you,

I can imagine how my website would be without your supports and love,

I am very happy to announce the Adilqadri's 2nd Year Anniversary, and i want to celebrate with you so i have decided to throw some excited discount and offers that will run for whole week,

The Sale Will Begin From 18th march 2020 11:59 Pm to 19th March 2020 11:59 Pm

Here Are The Offers For The Sale

1) Buy any 2 Adilqadri brand attars And Pay For 1
 Click Here To Shop Adilqadri Brand Attars Add 2 Attars In the Cart And Only pay For 1 (For More Information Watch The Video)

 2) Buy any 3 Islamic cap and pay for 2 cap only Click Here To Shop Adilqadri Caps Add 3 Caps In Cart And Proceed to Checkout, You have To Pay For 2 Caps Only, Congo your 1 cap is free (caps Are only available on online payment if you do cash on delivery your order will be canceled...)

 3) Buy 1 Car Hanging Nalain Paak Combo Get 1 Car Hanging Combo Free Click Here To Shop Nalain Paak Car hanging add 2 Car hanging Nalain Paak Combo Anf proceed To Checkout Congo Your 1 Car hanging Combo is free 

Please Watch The Video Till end before Claiming The Discount, If You fail To Apply The Discount properly we are not responsible for this