Welcome to Adilqadri, where we are dedicated to creating captivating fragrances for both men and women that leave a lasting impression. Our brand takes pride in providing high-quality, long-lasting scents that capture the essence of different moods and emotions.

We are Adilqadri, a registered company known as Adilqadri E-commerce Pvt Ltd, established in March 2018. As a brand, we are committed to continuing our family's legacy of selling premium products, led by our founder and CEO, Adil Malkani, also known as Mr. Adil Qadri, along with his father, Mr. Asif Malkani, and brother, Asim Malkani.

Our passion for fragrance led us to create a brand that offers unique scents crafted with the finest and most exotic ingredients sourced from around the world. We believe that a fragrance is more than just a product; it's a personal connection between the wearer and the scent.

Our team of expert perfumers creates scents that capture the essence of different moods and emotions, ranging from romantic and sensual to fresh and energizing. We take pride in offering exceptional service and an unforgettable experience for our customers.

At Adilqadri, our mission is to provide a range of fragrances that cater to every taste and preference. We offer classic and timeless scents as well as bold and modern fragrances. Whether you're looking for a signature scent for everyday wear or a special occasion, we have the perfect perfume for you.

Thank you for choosing Adilqadri, a brand that was founded on a passion for fragrance and a commitment to quality. We are dedicated to creating scents that evoke emotions and memories, leaving a lasting impression that you'll never forget.

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