What is the use of adilqadri wallet?

Adilqadri wallet is to save money for shopping any time any where on adilqadri.com  once you add credits to wallet you can order any product with that credit in just few clicks

we also give 10% wallet credit to the customers who orders product by online payment.

How to check the wallet credit?

login in to your Adilqadri account to check your wallet credit 

login from here ==> https://www.adilqadri.com/account/login 

How to use the wallet credit to order product from adilqadri.com?

Follow this steps to use your credit

step 1) Login to your account

step 2) select a product which you want to order

step 3) click on the add to cart button on product page

step 4) on the cart page you will see a green button that says "PAY FROM WALLET" click on that button to use your credit