SALE PRICE ₹899 ₹1549

  • We are pleased to be able to bring to you our incense burner including a jet flame

  • which is easily powered from the on and off switch on the side and includes a refillable butane powered base for use over and over again offering great value,

  • simply load in your incense sticks scents cones or scent and hold the button down to burn, .

  • you can easily place your incense or required scented wood inside onto the mesh and quickly and easily bring the smell of your favourite scent to where ever you go.

  • Simply to use and effective, simply place the incense or wood into the burner and press the on/off button and it will produce a rapid flame and burning to generate an instant scent.

  • Perfect for people on the move who do not want to carry their candles and incense with them, with a portable adjustment wheel it means you do not need any tools to operate and use this item

  • Colour & Design Will Be Sent As Per Availability


SALE PRICE ₹899 ₹1549