Dressing and Grooming Tips for Men That’ll Transform Your Life

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How we dress, talk, walk, and present ourselves is an integral part of people's perception of us. In every room we enter, we subconsciously try our best to make a good impression. 

From pitching sales ideas to getting into a prestigious college to giving job interviews, how WE groom and present ourselves is a decisive factor in helping us stand out from the crowd.

The first impression is not necessarily the last. Still, it would be silly to forgo the chance to make the best impression all the time with these dressing and grooming tips for men.

Limit Your Statement Pieces

We all have statement pieces in our wardrobes that we love. It is more than okay to experiment with fashion and colours (provided you do it in the right place). 

However, it's important not to overwhelm the eyes of the people who see us with too many colours, statement pieces, and accessories. 

This is why it is suggested to wear one statement piece like a Nehru Coat or a printed shirt and let the rest of your outfit be more muted. Not only does this prevent you from overdoing it, but it also brings attention to your one statement piece. 

As a rule of thumb, it is also suggested not to add more than 3 colours to your outfit for a classic look.


Little details always make or break an outfit; they make all the difference. 

Pair a classic watch with your polo shirt; suddenly, your outfit looks more put together and well thought out. 

Add a tie clip to the tie of your suit, and you'll go from looking like a waiter to James Bond. 

Add a scarf to your trench coat to nail the timeless winter look. A good belt makes even a simple shirt and trousers combination look amazing. 

If you're in the mood for more, add a carnation to your Nehru Coat or a pocket square to your sherwani. 

The possibilities are endless.


Another thing to pay attention to while dressing up is ensuring your clothes fit perfectly. 

How your clothes fit will immediately change people's impression of you regardless of your weight, height, or build. 

The solution to this is simple! Always buy the right size of clothes. 

More than this may be needed, so finding a good tailor will do the trick. 

Having a tailor alter your clothes to your proportions is the easiest way to look good all the time.


Skincare has become a part of male grooming rituals in the modern age, and for good reason! 

However, indulging in an overwhelmingly expensive American Psycho-esque skincare routine is unnecessary. 

Keeping your skincare routine simple is one of the best  grooming tips for men who want to see a positive change in their skin! 

Routinely using a good facewash alone makes a world of difference as your pores get unclogged and drastically reduces the chance of acne and other irritations. 

Combine that with a fragrance-free (at least SPF-30) sunscreen, and you're ready.

Haircare and Facial Hair

How you maintain your hair and facial hair completely changes the essence of your appearance. 

Even more casual haircuts that are not so formal and a little scruffy require maintenance to be pulled off well. 

Similarly, with beards and moustaches, maintenance is the name of the game. 

Whether you're clean-shaven or have facial hair, the importance of investing in and regularly using a shaving razor or trimmer cannot be emphasized enough.


While most grooming tips for men usually focus on appearances, one often overlooked aspect is fragrance. 

So much effort is put into pleasing the sense of sight that we disregard entirely pleasing our sense of smell. Getting the right scent is the cherry on top.

Selecting the right scent can leave a lasting impression. 

Consider exploring attars for a refined and long-lasting fragrance experience. 

Attars offer sophisticated scents that endure without overwhelming the senses. Personal favorites, such as the Shanaya Luxury Attar, can add a touch of elegance to your grooming routine.

AdilQadri attars like the Shanaya and Lavish are perfect as they have a refined, sophisticated scent that lasts hours without being overbearing. 

Our recommendation is that you try any of the attars by AdilQadri as it's impossible to go wrong with them. 

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